Recording Day 3

We tracked 7 songs today. That's a lot! It was a super productive day. After all the recording we wanted to sit back and listen to what we had done. Now, The Hunt has a new 2 inch tape machine which sounds super badass. But since they just got it in they are still working out the bugs out of the thing. So when we sat back to listen to what we had done the tape machine decided that we couldn't. It seems to have been designated that it is Marissa's job to get this thing working when it stops. She almost lost her mind! But her persistence paid off and it is once again up and running. So we are ready to tackle another day tomorrow.

See! Look how much she loves that tape machine!

See ya tomorrow!


shellshag said...

i have never seen marissa smile so sincere!! she does love that machine!! sooo excited to hear your new stuff AND use that new machine! xo

mortytoad said...

I really can not wait to hear new material. Just got the singles ep and thanks for the actual singles!