recording day four

theme of the day: DRUM SOLOS

This one is awesome!!!!!!!


Wow! I was going to write almost the same thing so I will just add to Marissa's post. Today we changed the drum sound three times. One time we deadened the toms and the snare. We also taped a quarter to the bass drum head to make it sound METAL! The song that Mike was most dreading recording only took a single take. So we had some extra time and watched upside down drum solos.

Tommy Lee's was 10 to 20 years before the other two and is far superior for three reasons. 1. Phaser on the cymbals. 2. Electro bass trigger from the bass drum half way through. 3. He narrates his own god damned drum solo by repeatedly cursing at Tacoma, WA!



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I really hope you're planning to incorporate inverted drum solos into your show sometime in the near future.

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blink182? really?