Recording and Baby Teeth Vinyl Out of Print!


Two days ago we loaded up the van and set out, once again, for The Hunt Studio. This is the same studio that we recorded our two tracks on the Full of Fancy split, Power Move LP, and 'I Do' from the Jeff the Brotherhood split. We are officially at work on a new full length album! It should be about 10 tracks. Our formula for deciding when to record a full length is to write new songs until we have 10. The first two days we have just been "getting sounds." I used this term when talking about recording with my girlfriend the other day, to which she replied, "What?" I realized the term isn't as self-explanatory as I had thought! Getting sounds includes trying out different instruments, tunings, setups, placements in the studio, setups with baffling, microphones, microphone placement, amps, cabinets, pre-amps, compressors, etc, etc, etc! Tomorrow we should be able to finally start putting some of these sounds on tape. I'm going to try to do daily updates on this here blog about our progress. Hopefully I'll have pictures to post here too.

On another note. The first vinyl pressing of our first album, Baby Teeth, is sold out! This means it is OUT OF PRINT. You might be able to find a few copies for sale from different distributors online but the stock is gone. I love the artwork for that album and I think it looks amazing as an LP. We had the records pressed on white and black splatter vinyl to match the two tone artwork. There are currently no plans to repress Baby Teeth to vinyl. At some point Baby Teeth will probably reappear in the vinyl format but for now I guess those copies just became collectors items. Let me know if they start going for money on Ebay. I might need to sell my copy to make some extra dough!


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