Purple Rain

Dead Weather tour has been really neato. Right now they are upstairs covering Van Morrison, and I (Marissa) am bloggin'. Sweet Pete is here being sassy and Jarrett is chattin' on our dressing room couch (which has a fabulous velor slip cover). Cait is next to me being a grammar nazi.

This is Leif. He is a lighting director.

We are mildly obsessed with their road crew. Stay tuned for finely inked portraits of each member of the Dead Weather crew.

Yesterday we ate a bag (6 ounces) of cheese curds in the van. I fell asleep for three hours after eating a mound of ice cream that was as big as my fist. We were in dairy land. There is somewhere called "Kickapoo" in Wisconsin.

Oh, and we saw this:

K, bye.
Marissa p


mmcmillan said...

I was at the show at the Vic. Great stuff. First I ever heard of you guys, but certainly not the last. I kept thinking about how much I wanted to call me friend to say "holy shit, you guys have to see this". Keep it up and thanks.

Anonymous said...

hope youre having a great time on the road. cant wait to see y'all soon on the east coast!


DBC said...

great show last night @ the Vic.
I like what Greg Kott said about your guitar playing - you really shred up there.
Look forward to listening to more.

MattyG said...

At the Vic 7/29. Wow! Looking forward to what you're capable of. Getting your album now. Really loved the combination of pure shredding and effects. Was that a home-made set of pedals? Sweet-ah!

And the Kickapoo were a tribe of native Americans that roamed the midwest and near south, first encountered by LaSalle exploring central Illinois/Indiana. :)

Anonymous said...

dearest screaming females,

i'm pleased to tell you that my friend karl, a new brunswick ex-pat who now resides in oakland, is coming to see you at the show SPAM warehouse tonight per my advice. be so kind as to rock him into a corner and pummel him with awesomeness.

xo with love,


Alexander Conner said...

I can smell you from the East Coast. Take a shower please.

Anonymous said...

Much respect there from Australia http://johnincharge.blogspot.com/2009/08/i-was-wondering-if-you-could-help-me-i.html