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Here are some pictures from our Terminal 5 show with the Dead Weather. It is a really, really big room. During sound check, Mike and I can hear Jarrett's drums five seconds after he actually plays them. I'm a really lousy photographer. Sorry.

So far I've taken a lot of fruit home...and bottled water...we're bringing tupperware for the rest of the trip...

A brief, candid interview with Mr. Joe Steinhardt on 'making it', 'hittin' the big time', 'cuttin' the cheese', and 'makin' it rain':


Anonymous said...

Incredible show a few hours ago. I couldn't get over how great you were. Like siouxsie and the banshees but with face melting guitars. Too cool for nyc. Don't ever stop.

Joshua S. Amos said...

You guys were really incredible. My friends and I all left the show saying how it's been SOOOOO long since we saw an opening band who was not only good, but made us want to pick up their album, etc. You have some real great stuff! Nice suprise!

Jose Davila said...

You guys ROCKED so hard Friday night! You just kicked the audience's ass during your first song & took us prisoner & had us ALL wrapped around your fingers for your whole set! EVERYBODY was cheering you guys so hard. I think your BIG sound needs a BIG venue like that, because none of the YouTube clips I've found can do justice to the AMAZING sounds I heard that night!

JP said...

hey guys, i took a few videos at the show, check em out:

Anonymous said...

so are you bffs with jack white yet or what

Thomas said...

In typical yuppie fashion, I bought your album via the iTunes store during the performance. Gotta love technology.
Anyhow, awesome stuff, and would definitely travel within the Tri-state to see you play again.

Stefan said...

Saw you guys in Montreal, excellent show. I don't like comparing bands to other (lazy writing), but I could only compare it to my friend as seeing Dinosaur Jr. with Siouxie on guitar playing like Jimmy Page on acid. Will put up pictures at:


Take care!

Eclecticious said...

You captured my heart in Toronto at Kool Haus. I was in the front and, the force of which I was rocked, caused my hair to land somewhere on the street I think.
I bought your latest album that night. And a t-shirt (love Marissa's draws and her freakin' white hot guitar playing, and her sing, oh yeah...and her screamings.

I wish to obtain more of your music as it truly, truly awesome. I'm SO happy to have found you.

okay one last cheesy fan thing: OH MY GOD DEAD WEATHER! (Jack White is my super hero) but I adore each member of that band for their own blazing talent.

okay I'll stop making an idiot of myself now...

Adam said...

Me and a couple friends saw you guys yesterday in Chicago. Immediately after the concert we picked up a CD. I hadn't heard the Dead Weather before the concert (I told people not to play them for me until after the show) and I don't know if I was more impressed by them or you guys! Thank you for entertaining me for the evening, lady and gentlemen.