Another sweet review!

Canadian mag Hot Flux Empire did an awesome review of our new album.


Screaming Females - "What If Someone is Watching Their TV"
This raw, throbbing post-punk album is mind-blowing from start to finish. Five-foot-tall powerhouse frontwoman Marissa not only shreds her guitar like she built it herself, but her gruff yowls and bone-crushing screams basically set my CD player on fire. Bassist King Mike and drummer Jarrett are no backup band though -- this rhythm section has unmatched deftness and precision. Closing song "Boyfriend" is my personal favourite: catchy as hell, featuring some intricate and almost terrifying guitar solos. As if the music weren't enough to hook you, the colourful art on the cover and insert (all done by the multitalented Marissa) is interestingly cryptic, and worthy of hanging on your wall if you have it on vinyl. This album is worth its weight in gold, and if "Screaming Females" isn't on the tip of everyone's tongue in a year or two, there is no justice in this world.

Stephanie Guthrie

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Greg White said...

Hi guys-- I first heard one of your numbers on a south Jersey radio station as I drove up the Parkway one afternoon and thought to myself, Hey now, wotsis?

At any rate, I've been following the blog for a few weeks now and must say I vastly enjoy you guys. Well done.

Good luck with everything.