I miss Ian

Boo, Ian is home now. We have no roadie, just us femmes in the van. Both of the boys are sleeping now. We are staying in a lovely apartment in San Diego with our friends Kelly & Lauren from home. It's nice to see familiar faces 3,000 miles away from home.

Everything is going rather well. Last time we talked I had just backed into a Ford truck, I wrote the owner a $300 money order and cleared that whole mess up. We spent the following evening drinking in the mountains of Idaho, amongst huge black cattle who left presents within every five feet. Montana, Olympia, Portland, Vancouver, all good fun.

Yes yes yes. In four weeks we will be home and I think there is a show in the works.

Love - !

P.S. - Jacki sent me these videos of us @ Philafunk a while ago.
Philafunk Live

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