Jersey Beat Review

SCREAMING FEMALES “What If Someone Is Watching Their TV?"(myspace.com/screamingfemales)

The 'Females might not be the most accessible band from New Brunswick's suddenly red-hot indie/punk basement-show scene, but for my money, they're the most exciting, with a potential I can't even begin to imagine. A trio, the group melds a rock-solid rhythm section to the mind-blowing guitar pyrotechnics of Marissa, whose declamatory, quavering yowl is one of the most distinctive voices to come along since Poly Styrene of X-Ray Spex. Whether exploding into a scorching post-punk frenzy ("Starve The Beat", "Boyfriend",) exploring tribal beats and innovative polyrhythms ("Fun", "Little Anne",) or settling into a lilting groove (as on the sorta Caribbean funk of "Humanity Arranged") the Screaming Females continually and consistently find new ways to take your breath away. - Jim Testa (www.jerseybeat.com)

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