Tour day 7 - June 28

Amherst, MA 12:28 PM

So things are going pretty awesome. The shows have either been super big and sweaty and rocking or totally chilled out BBQs with dogs and whiffle ball bats. The Brooklyn show was amazing. We got to record our version of Neil Young's 'Cortez The Killer.' Mike Hunchback and Hunchback Craig took care of the engineering. It come out sounding pretty sweet. Totally live! Even the vocals. It took three takes. Pretty bad ass. We also recorded a weird version of a brand new song that I don't think even has a name yet. We ran the vocals through a guitar with super heavy distortion. Maybe y'all will get to hear that someday. It sounds gritty as hell. Ian, Booger, Niles, Opie, and Padre Pio are all still with us. Pio has a crown (not of thorns). Ian has a dirt stache. Niles and Booger seem to be getting close, maybe too close. Thats it.
-jarrett D

split a nigga back like a dutch masta killa!
-wu-tang 4eva

Hi, I'm Marissa. Jarrett keeps calling Opie "Otto" or "Otis" or "Ollie" and it's driving me INSANE, we're going to get in the absolute WORST fight over it if he keeps it up. I'm dead serious. I'm about to menstruate, any goddamn second now, I'm just going to explode. We are at ZEBU's house right now, and Ted (who lives here) is an abstract expressionist who paints with what looks like menstrual fluid. I'm sorry I keep bringing it up but it's on my mind. Mike is wearing a tie-dye t-shirt and his chest hair hangs over the collar. He's also wearing sandals, I hope no one thinks we're into the Grateful Dead or anything. Even though Jarrett is.

I met Sid Vicious last night. He was wearing space goggles. He came back from the moon to grace us with his presence.

I am done with this. I have over twenty mosquito bites.

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