Rough Week

I had a rough fucking week. Got dumped, crashed my bike, and started, once again, working at Brower (Rutgers Dinning Hall).

The show tonight was fun. It is weird having to play when you feel really down. I always want to do it but it is hard to pump yourself up in the same way. Its like the energy flows from a different place. Somebody Dies and Mose Giganticus were sweet. Both bands seemed really into just having a good time. Which is what I personally needed out of todays show. Oh yeah, and we covered the Cheeseman song 'Holy Frejolas' and had the Cheeseman himself sing on it. He said it was "The best thing that has ever happened ever in the whole world" or something along those lines.

I never finshed my tour journal (as in, I never wrote it at all not just on the internet). There is no real reason to finish it. Marissa did a pretty good job summing up those shows. I will post one last tour thing one of these days.



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Billy Gray said...

Bitches ain't shit! xD

Also, I've really been digging the tour journal entries by yous guys, I'm totally fascinated.

We played to three people last night and the manager of the club. Who really liked us a lot, so I think I can say MISSION ACCOMPLISHED and not feel like an idiot in a flight suit.

Keep your head up, better times are ahead!