Tour Journal Part 3

1:52 pm
Mountains between TN and NC
My elbow is bothering me a little. Last night we played Anarchitca in Chattanooga, TN. We heard how it was the dirtiest punk house in the US and it lived up to that title pretty well. When we got there The Measure [SA] had left us a cute note on the back of a PBR box. Tom, Ben, and Robert, who live at the house, were really awesome dudes. We played with a local band called Grimmie Greens who were super nice and rocked.
Highlights of this stop.
1) The house had 3 dogs (which made it smell like a kennel). The pup named Yoko kept getting a serious Red Rocket whenever it got close to KingMike. As soon as the dog walked away the boner was immediately gone. It was hilarious.
2) One of the dudes at the show told me that he has been seriously depressed for awhile and that our set made him feel the best he has felt in a long time. Then he gave me a huge hug and a kiss.
3) The Grimmie Greens encore. Blink 182 - Dammit. Hearing a dirty pop punk band with all kinds of crusty patches covering their clothes in the basement of one of the country's most notorious punk/ anarchist houses play this song was probably the funniest/ funnest thing ever!!!! A group of GCDS/ Screamales members took care of the lead vocals.

GCDS is on the verge of a serious breakdown but they are holding it together for now. I thought we were at a similar place but now it looks like we are all in a really good mood today.
Nashville worked out well on 1/9. The guys from A Poet Named Revolver put on the show for us in their house. First show for the house. The local, German Castro, were a fucking killer drum/ bass instrumental duo. During their encore the drummer handed me the sticks and walked away so I rocked with the bassist for a while. Nathan, the bassist from Be Your Own Pet, came out to see us play. KingMike had given him a CD when we saw BYOP play Maxwell's in NJ. He dug the CD so he came to the show but missed our set. Oh well.

KingMike - "We were never in the verge of any sort of breakdown. We just don't like when people stand still and don't dance..."

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