Wiki -Riot Grrrl

So I was searching our name on the internet again. Came across this. We are listed in the Wikipedia Riot Grrrl entry under current bands influenced by the Riot Grrrl tradition. We are right in there along with The Gossip, Erase Errata, Mika Miko, Finally Punk, and Partyline. That is sweet! Check it out!

Also I started a New Brunswick, NJ music zine called Hub City: Out of the Basement. Marissa P did all the layout stuff and it looks great. It is going to be coming out all the time. The first issue has a big old interview with Mr. Mikey Erg. If anyone is interested they can email me at jarrett_d_(at)hotmail.com. I think they are going to be $2 to order through the mail ($1 production cost, $0.63 postage, $0.10 envelope, $0.27 PROFIT, HA HA HA suckers!). Or you can pick them up for free from us at shows.

You're never lonely as long as you have too many projects that take up all your time and don't make you any money (read: cost you money to produce). Time to go eat some oatmeal.


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