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I don’t know what time it is currently, but I’ve been awake since three-thirty a.m. after a mere three hours of slumber, and as a result, I am writing in this dreadful thing. I don’t like to put my personal musings on public display but it’s too cold outside to go for a walk and the T.V. is lacking in any distracting programming. If I could focus well enough to read a book I’d probably read Raise High the Roof Beam, Carpenters by J.D. Salinger, I read it once when I was fifteen or so but I have not read it since and I remember very little about it.

So I guess it’d be improper of me to write in this blog without talking about the band, or perhaps more so about tour. I enjoy tour. I enjoy going on tour. I like it a hell of a lot more than going to school. Unequivocally, I feel as though I learn a great deal more about myself and the world I live in from being on tour than I ever will from a quality college education. However, this is just my opinion. Don’t misconstrue my point, I learn a great deal of fascinating things in school as well but I am half a Jack Kerouac at heart.

I think everyone’s favorite show was in Greenville, North Carolina where Jarrett witnessed a man become so drunk he couldn’t pull himself out of the refrigerator, and where I was accosted and affronted by a gaggle of southern lesbians (I’m flattered, as always). King Mike had a really neat neck tattoo. When things get really wild like that I start looking at things in vignettes and everything everyone says starts to sound like movie dialogue and I try to remember it as such. This is only the second time we went on a week plus tour, and it kind of flowed similarly but with the perfect amount of money to break us even, unlike last time. Once I get three days or so into tour I enter this state of complacency I haven’t really known since sixth grade. In some ways, tour is very similar to a vacation but one must ease into it. Asheville was nice. It was a very quaint place; I imagine the people in Ashville are really into things and stuff, like framed records and ceramic jewelry and things like that. When we got to Chatanooga I was very tired, I don’t know why, it was the worst night of sleep I’ve ever had in my life! All scrunched up and freezing cold in the back of the van. That is what I get for being a prude. I messed up a song that evening and I apparently had a frown on for the rest of our set (I get like that if we fuss up real bad). However, if you or anyone you know ever goes to Antarchtica I drew some neat things in the basement. I drove the van away from gas pump with the nozzle still affixed to our automobile; I also almost died in Nashville. South Carolina was enthralling because we played in this quasi-abandoned house lacking in floors, and I couldn’t believe that people came out of what seemingly appeared to be a vast wasteland (no offense to native South Carolinians) to see the show. I always spend a lot of money when we go to Durham because I never know when I’ll get to return to the anti-mall. I bought a ball gown for one dollar. I didn’t buy any records in Durham this time, but I did buy Pink Flag by Wire in Ashville. It’s good. I always look forward to staying at Mr. Jones’ house for the evening because he often teaches me about music and art I have not heard of. When we found out the Wildcat Info Shop had been shut down by the time we got into Kentucky I was very upset. I was most looking forward to that show. The show was very nice nonetheless and we met a little boy named Jett who was precious. He’s going to grow into quite the character. I am going to bear Mike’s child, at his request. The Legion of Doom in Ohio is a wonderful house, I was bewildered by its history and Jimmy inarguably owns the best kitties in the country. This is not in any coherent order. The ride home was something, I fell asleep for several hours in Ian’s lap (who has a comfier lap than Jarrett) and when I got home I had indigestion for three days subsequent to our return to the glorious Garden State. That’s what New Jersey will do to you.

-marissa p.

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