Tour Journal Part 2

1:02 pm
In the mountains near Asheville, NC
Its snowing out. My future for the next year and, as far as I see it, the rest of my life sits with Marissa right now. She understandably isn't sure how to straddle the line between the life society has set up for us all and this alternate life of a touring band. Life is so unsure anyway that this band life seems like the best bet in my book. I totally understand where she is coming from but it bugs me out to know that the rest of my life lays in someone else's hands, especially when I am so sure about something.
Last night we played the Wreck Center in SC. It is a house without a kitchen, bathroom, heat, etc. We got to play again with our new buddies Werewolves who we played with in Greenville, NC. That was sweet. Everyone was so nice at the show. Ken, who was running everything, was the sweetest guy ever. We packed all of Screaming Females plus Jacki onto one pull out couch. It was hilarious. Also, everyone needs to check out Boogdish, who we also played with. He is like Big Black, if Steve Albini was into comedy instead of small town pedophilia rings.
The night before we played a cool cafe/ bar/ bookstore/ record store in Chapel Hill, NC. All our NC friends were there (Mr. Jones, Chaz from Bull City Records, Chaz's crusty roommate, etc). We played with The Drowsies who we met when we played Durham over the summer. They remembered us and hooked us up with this show. They play pop-punk about food, dogs, laundry, and (of course) girls. It was of the most entertaining sort.

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