Tour Journal Part 1

1:24 pm
Outside Richmond, VA
KingMike just picked a big gross callus off his foot and tried to give it to me. Agh. The show last night was sweet. It was a great house in Westminster, MD that Evan Fancy hooked us up with. Houses that are off the beaten path and the people that run them really hold this shit together. Cities are spoiled. New Brunswick is somewhere between the two. We have got people keeping it together and spoiled jerks. Active Sac and The Jons are totally rad bands from Westminster that everyone should check out!
Gary Coleman Death Squad, our tour buddies, seem to be having a sweet time but it seems like someone is eventually gonna lose it over there. It will be funny.
Greenville, NC here we come. Hopefully you keep up our tradition of sweet off the beaten path shows.

12:50 pm
Greenville, NC
Even though its that afternoon it still has that quiet of the morning. GCDS is at some other dude’s house. We are at these girls’ (Ashley and Brandy) house. They are both really cool.
The show last night was crazy. It was supposed to be at this all ages art gallery/ community space thing called the Spazzatorium Galleria but that place got shut down because of some bullshit fire code thing. The real reason is that some kids got caught smoking weed outside and the police got pissed. So the show was moved to a house.
It was the dirtiest show house I have ever seen. No offense to the guys that live there. They were all super nice. The toilet didn’t even work. We had to walk down the street to the McDonalds to go to the bathroom. Everyone at the show was getting wasted. By the end of the night it was pretty overwhelming. We had a really good set. GCDS totally stole the show though. They got mad theatrical and got the room crazy amped up. It was great. We almost got a circle pit going in a room that size of my bedroom (oh, yeah, the bands were playing in a bedroom). It was awesome!

3:25 pm
Between Greenville, NC and Chapel Hill, NC
I forgot to mention that Marissa gets all the ladies. Multiple women were asking her for her phone number and whatnot last night. It was hilarious.

More to come!

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