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So we have some wonderful new stuff over here at Screaming Females Inc. Awhile ago we recorded a live set for an internet radio show over at Monsterland Studios. Marissa recently chopped those tracks up, burned them on some sweet CDRs, and made covers for them. The recordings came out really raw and great. It is just one big ol' first take. No overdubs or any of that fancy shizz. $3 at shows.

Also the long awaited (for me if no one else) vinyl release of Baby Teeth arrived today!!!! The album artwork looks even more beautiful than ever. The record is white with black streaks. Marissa spelled my name wrong. It is awesome!!! Everyone needs one. Thats right. Even you with the CD. Don't have a record player? I don't care! Buy that thing for the art already. j/k. j/k. $10.

Also, the new NJ Sound mixtape came out. Mr. Cheeseman put it together and may I say that it blows the first one out of the water. It contains the very first digital release of Zoo of Death, the B side of our 7 inch. So for all of you that have been wanting a digital version of that song for your Ipods or whatever you should talk to the Cheeseman. Also features a studio recording of the live Hunchback classic "16 Tons." Check out these links for contact and details. FREE!!!

The show was so sweet the other night. Best Sunday night show we could have hoped for. I can't say enough good things about The Conniption Fitts. Holy Crap!! The were so tight and just got up there and decided that The Parlor and all the people within its basement were theirs for the night. The lead singer had some hot ass Mick Jagger moves going on.

Collectively this band struggles with some serious anxiety. King Mike holds his stress way better than Marissa or myself. It just comes to me sometimes. I have this crazy idea that if I work it right, I can play music for a job and for the rest of my life. It is truely my only plan. Sometimes I realize how ridiculous that must sound to the square world. That gives me some anxiety. But tonight I was able to fight it off by thinking about all the people that really love our band. It makes me feel like I have a purpose and that life has meaning.

And the MOST important news of the day. At the show, The Fun Ghouls covered Zoo of Death. That is truly an honor for us. You may think I am kidding but I swear I'm not. This is a band that doesn't cover much of anything except Misfits and Black Flag and definitely nothing post 1991. And they choose to cover a Screaming Females song. That means so much to me I can't even begin to explain it.


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