Razorcake Review

The new Razorcake Magazine has a review of Baby Teeth. It also has an awesome article with In The Red Records. Pick it up!!

Screaming Females: Baby Teeth
Kind of a weird record, and not just because it's a CD and there's only one female and practically no screaming: starts off with this heavy groovy Kyuss thing, and then generally avoids that neighborhood for the rest of the time, sticking mostly to a sparse pop deal with tasteful bts of funk here and there and some very competent guitar work (though with too much soloing for my taste) by the female who also is the singer. And while the music doesn't sound much like the Yes Yes Yesses, the vocals do sound a lot like those of Karen O, maybe doing a Dylan impression. Totally grew on me, just like hairs. - Cuss Baxter

Sweet review (and sweet run on sentence)! I really like that she or he can describe us as both pop and weird in the same sentence. I like that we can send a punk magazine a "pop" album and have it make them feel weird. Heck ya! Stirring things up. Too much soloing?!?!?! What, is this dude some sort of Communist? Rock n roll!
-Jarrett D

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