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So that TV on The Radio record was great and all but best of the year?.... I don't think so. Checking out Pitchfork and Spin and all those other "reputable" sources I am really glad I was almost completely removed from music, other than what was happening in my town, this year. Here are my tops (with more to come).

Top Out Of Town Act To Play the Bruns
1. Paul Baribeau - Plan-It-X at its best. The way this man commands a crowd with just his voice and an acoustic guitar is unbelievable.
2. Double Dagger - Perfect playmates to The Hunchback. Not quite punk but most definitely punk. With songs ragging on the world's most "underground" artists and power enough to break solid equipment (the drummer cut right through his bass drum pedal!) this band set a lot of people aback.
3. Modern Machines - Take It Somebody. Get the record! Realize the greatness! See them in your friends basement, all across the USA.
4. The Conniption Fitts - Holy Shit! Most bands with 2 guitarists lose some rhythm. Not with these peoples. Rhythm to spare and a front man that doesn't know how to hold anything back.
5. Man In Gray - NYC DIY rock that is not punk?!?!?! Yup, it does happen. They rock the world. Totally at home in a New Brunswick basement. The next band to headline a international tour, I'm sure. But I played with them and saw them at the Parlor.
6. Sick Sick Birds - Old punk rock dudes who haven't realized that the "dream" is over. We need more believers in the world.
7. Billy Reese Peters - No Idea comes to the Bruns. Hell yeah! Don't let anyone tell you that sex, drugs and rock n roll is cliche. These 30 year olds that look 50 will reassure that notion.
8. Scandaliz Vandalistz - So cute!! Anti-folk from Tennessee...? It does happen!! Bikini Kill cover put it over the edge. Had punk rockers listen to folk music for weeks afterwards.
9. Lefty Loosie - Milwaukee represent! Some say that the Bruns and Milwaukee share some sort of common bond. If so than this female fronted group are our soul sisters.
10. Everyone I forgot!!!! Come to New Bruns! We love you and your music. Come play your heart and soul. I'll try to get the show. Fish will host it. Cheese will hit you. Scruff will try to convince you to eat a Fat sandwich. Best time of your life!

-Jarrett S D

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