Dates again

So here are some moved around dates for Jan. Still looking for any help.

Jan 3 - Philly
Jan 4 - Baltimore
Jan 5 - DC/Richmond, VA
Jan 6 - Spazzatorium Galleria - Greenville, NC
Jan 7 - Durham/ Chapel Hill/ etc, NC
Jan 8 - Columbia, SC
Jan 9 - Athens, GA
Jan 10 - Chattanooga, TN
Jan 11 - Nashville, TN
Jan 12 - Cincinnati, OH
Jan 13 - Columbus, OH
Jan 14 - Pittsburgh, PA

Wow its late. I need sleep.
-Jarrettttttt D


Anonymous said...

For the Athens show, try calling Michael Stipe up, he'll probably give you a show.

Here's his number


Screaming Females said...

Did you know that the Butthole Surfers moved to Athens to stalk one of the one of the guys in REM for a year? Why did they do it? Because they didn't know what else to do
-Jarrett D