You really shouldn't trust people that aren't in your band.
Everyone else is just trying to break you down.

That being said we need your help and thus must once again trust a bunch of people we don't know and have never met! Screaming Females is going out on the road again in Jan 07. Here is the basic layout. If you know any awesome bands or promoters or venues or people in any of these areas feel free to tell us about them. Also we are flexable about dates and locations so if you know something close to that spot tell us. screamingfemales@hotmail.com

Jan 2 - Philly
Jan 3 - Wilmington, Delaware
Jan 4 - Baltimore
Jan 5 - DC
Jan 6 - Richmond, VA
Jan 7 - Norfolk, VA
Jan 8 - Durham/ Chapel Hill/ etc, NC
Jan 9 - Columbia, SC
Jan 10 - Chattanooga, TN
Jan 11 - Nashville, TN
Jan 12 - Cincinnati, OH
Jan 13 - Columbus, OH
Jan 14 - Pittsburgh, PA

-Jarrett D

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