Reclaiming my Email

Over the last few weeks I have begun the long and difficult task of reclaiming my email. I have had my personal hotmail address for something along the lines of 10 years. Holy Crap! I just added that up. 10 years is ridiculous. I'm glad I used my name and not something cool like Sk8erdude4438. Anyway, over the years the account has become overrun with crap I don't care about and don't want to read. I mean somewhere along the line I got on Tommy Lee's mailing list (yup, that Tommy Lee). I got emails from this guy for years! I was just too lazy to ever do anything about it. Well that is all changing. I've started to fight back. I am unsubscribing to everything. I am banning all kinds of domains. It is empowering. I can already see the results. That email is rightfully mine and these political groups and these bands I don't care about and the Internet chess clubs and staples and ticketmaster and that S.O.B. Tommy Lee no longer get the right to be inside of it. HA! What now?!
-Jarrettttttt D


greatest hits said...

hi jarrett just wanted to let you know that i know where you "effing" live, boy-ee.

with great wet shiny gobs of love,

sara L.

p.s i read this blog!

Anonymous said...

You better get your ass back on my mailing list you little punk! How will you know about my next projects?? I love all my fans and don't want to lost them!

with love-
Tommy Lee