Its 2:53am and I cant sleep so I figured I'd write about stuff.

The VA/NC trip was pretty rad. The first day wasnt all that great, we all seemed sorta irritable, at least I was, In NC I bent jarretts hi-hat stand and then we played a really rockin set of all of our more fist pumping songs it was cool. The next day it seemed like spirits were higher, good vibes were going around and we were ready to rock Relative Theory. The first act was this 15 year old kid with an acoustic guitar who calls himself Fecal Food. He played a really cool set I think we all enjoyed it. We played a pretty good set for a buncha kids from 14 years old to about my age. They seemed to like it alot and they bought our music and cant wait for us to come back. The last band whos name I cant remember were some emocore band or whatever you call it nowadays. They were the nicest kids Ive ever met. They offered us their door money if they got any since we got alotta gas to buy and helped us carry our stuff. Really cool kids. All in all it was a very good trip.

The Saint show wasnt all that great. It was at 1pm which sucked cause I had to wake up early and drive an hour and a half in traffic. There wasnt many people at that show and I wasnt suprised. Most of us "rocker types" (as they cool kids in high school used to refer to us as) would probably agree that you save the loud music, dancing, and rocking out for after the sun goes down. Or at least when its half way down or something. The soundguy, doorguy, and barguy seemed to be impressed with our set so that was cool. Marissa's entire family was there too (or at least i think they were her family, i never bothered to ask.) they also enjoyed our set.

The last coupla days we have been working on some new tunes which seem to be coming together pretty well. So thats even more of a reason for you peoples to come out to the few shows we have in the area for the homestretch of the summer.

Peace and Love
-King Mike

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Anonymous said...

stop writing new songs! I can't keep up!

-mike zzzz