Knit wrap up 2

I, King Mike, believe that the knitting factory show was our best show. I didnt have too much problem with the sound so much. As always i fucked up alot, especially electric pilgrim which I didnt expect to play until Marissa couldnt remember how to play jonah. The crowd definitally made my night. I love when you guys go nuts for us after almost everyone stands still for the other bands. It kinda makes me feel superior which is not the case at all. Mike on Baby Jesus was alot of fun too.

Marissas solo song was the most beautiful thing ive ever almost been a part of, the full band totally wouldve ruined it. Thanks to Tigger for coming out. I laugh every time I think about him and Chuck hopping on stage.

Good times, good times. Thanks you fans (if anyone is reading this) for giving me something to be excited about 24/7. I need this band thing, you dont understand.


bujak said...

sorry i couldn't come. sounds awesome.

i'm having a panic attack. what have i done?


i need the band too. you have no idea.

Anonymous said...

A few of my friends and I came up from PA to see Mon Frere (we missed them, unfortunately), but you guys more than made up for it.

We're looking forward to your Philly show this August.