vans and tours

So my beloved MINI Cooper may be seeing its last days under my ownership. My dad, mother, brother and myself have been working hard at getting this band a van. Because hey, lets admit it, what's a band without a van. But really the truck we have been using this summer does not have enough personal space for any extended touring. I'll make sure to tell you all when the day comes.
Tour is almost here!!! I can't wait. Still trying to put together a few last shows. Whatever happens it will be an experience. Much respect for anyone who has ever booked a tour for a band. Not an easy thing to do.
So this band tries to stay out of politics for the most part (as a band, not individuals). I feel like music can be so much more than just politics, not to say that there hasn't been some amazing political artists (Bob Dylan, Fugazi). But today I heard that Iraq is in the worst shape it has been since we went in and that top Army officals believe the country could break into civil war at any moment. 40 months and13 days we have been fighting this war in Iraq. Ted Kennedy brought that up as the officals spoke to congress. That is longer than the American involvement in Korea, Gulf War, the world wars (at least one of them), and is nearing the length of the American Civil War. My entire adult life has been spent with this war as the background. And more than a few American soliders have have spent their entire adult lives fighting it. And we are worse off than ever. It truely makes me sad.
-Jarrett D

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