Best New NJ Band

So I guess the best way to sum up Maxwell's is to quote Jim Testa. "Last night I saw the Screaming Females from New Brunswick, who are probably the most exciting NJ band I'd discovered in, oh, about a decade." Yeah it was that kind of a show. For those of you who don't know, Jim T has been running Jersey Beat indie music magazine for 25 years. This dude's mission in life is to hear, review, and write about NJ bands. So that quote coming from him is about the coolest thing in the world. Check out the rest of his write up about the show over at his blog. http://jerseybeat.blogspot.com/

I feel like this blog is becoming one big thank you but it is all needed. First off thanks to The Ergs! and Plastic East for rounding out the night. It is so nice having a bill full (but not too full) of bands that can play and that we can jam to. Thanks to everybody that came out. You guys are awesome. All day I kept getting people canceling on me but then by the time we finished the place was full of rocking peoples. You guys are the best fans. So refreshing to see a crowd of people not standing with the classic arms crossed pose complete with sour-puss face. Also, at the same time, being able to have everyone rocking and moving with no one having to fear for their life is equally as cool on the other side of spectrum.

Want to see a 30+ year old bike messenger with his butt on my face? Click here. (scroll down the page, can't miss it).

-Jarrett D

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