Yo dude

So Marissa went to court and the guy was like "Yo, you're in a band? What do you play?" And Marissa was like "Yo The Man, stop frontin and tell me how much you're charging." And he was like "$203." Marissa was all like "Why the $3?" ANd The Man was like "Because we can."
And KingMike was all like "I'm not going to jail." and me and Marissa went "oh-K, that is a good thing."
I was in Brower and I'm thinkin, "Too bad these songs were recorded during the '80s because they are actually good songs but are caught up in sounding like crap." And then this guy starts singing about having a bad day and I'm all like "Yo, dude, your whining about having a bad day makes we have a bad day." And then Asian Chief (like Chief from One Flew Over... but he is Asian) was like "...." because he never speaks. And then I was like "Hey, Brower... I'm quitting. See you later sucker." And now someone else has to move trays mon, wed, and thurs.
And Reload from Philly said "Hey, we made you this awesome bag in Philly, here you go." And I was like "WOW, that bag is awesome, but it is really freaking big." And they didn't saying anything which meant, "Because thats the one you ordered, duh." And I started thinking "Yeah." And I put it on and the bag was like "I look amazing but you are going to have to work on me before I fit right." And I was like, "Bag, you aren't fitting right." So then I fixed some stuff and now it fits perfect and I can carry almost anything except a drumset. So I went to the grocery store on my bike! And OPEC was all like "Hey now..."
-Jarrett Scott
what to do when you are tired all day because you didn't get enough sleep but then when its bed time you aren't tired anymore?

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Screaming Females said...

$866 + lawyer
plus the other stuffs.