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Got another review today. This one is from Jim Testa over at Jersey Beat.
SCREAMING FEMALES – Baby Teeth (www.screamingfemales.com) Despite the name, this New Brunswick trio is 2/3 male and doesn’t do a lot of screaming (much less than, say, the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, to whom they’ll invariably be compared.) Originality and spontaneity are at the forefront of the Screaming Females’ sound, which feeds off a compulsive no-wave post-punk groove with just a hint of goth (or at least something a little creepy and depressing at the heart of these ear-grabbing melodies.) Marissa Paternoster provides both the group’s earthy, punchdrunk vocals and awesomely sonic guitars (wouldn’t surprise me if she grew up worshipping at the feet of Aviso’ Hara), while the lurching, cascading rhythms come courtesy of two fellas named King Mike and Jarrett. With younger bands like Meet Me In Montauk, Bubble/gum and Risk Relay leading the way, along with vets like Sparks Fly From A Kiss and Skyline Rodeo, New Brunswick is quickly re-establishing itself as a hotbed of innovation and talent. – Jim Testa

Oh, and if I haven't made it totally clear, Maxwell's is a big fucking deal for us! We need everybody to come out so we can show venues that we can draw. Making the jump from basements etc to venues has got to be one of the toughest thins to do. Only way to make it happen is for you all to show up. Its all for you guys and gals. Its been said a thousand times but you all are the ones that make it happen.
Jarrett D

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at least scott and i are coming to maxwells. hopefully scott will get the other principals and our little crew to tag along for a good time.