No Cops and Rutgers Gardens

No cops came! Yes! Show went off okay. Thanks to all the Screaming Females fans that always show up. We love you guys. You are what make it happen. The Bloodsugars rocked out. They were very kind and let us go first.
Mark from Kitty Play Records was at ArtHouse and had a bunch of nice words for us. He easily convinced us to play his birthday party which is going to be March 25 at the Rutgers Gardens House. He said he is going to get a bunch of booze and everyone is invited (free!). Shows at the Rutgers Gardens House are awesome because it is in the middle of nowhere so there is no worry about the cops or other loud, annoying New Brunswick disturbances. Some band is playing that Marissa knows about and that sounds pretty awesome from the stuff I heard online and that I can't for the life of me remember the name of right now.
I can't think anymore right now.


Screaming Females said...

with my luck, I was almost certain they would come.
-hardened criminal

Anonymous said...

yeah rutgers gardens should be a blast. y'all, the vibration and theodore grimm are all confirmed to play. miiight someone else, WHO KNOWS.
hope all is well by you.
psyched that youre psyched