Inside Beat and Maxwell's

All the New Brunswick peoples got to pick up the Targum today and check out the Inside Beat. There is both a feature and an album review. Very Kind words. Have to send out thank yous to all those involved in getting that to happen. Meredith for pictures, hooking us up with Roger, and always pulling for us. Roger (Mr. Music Editor) for getting us the space and being my facebook friend. Charlotte and Tim for writing up the articles and being there ever step of the way. Tim good call on the Marissa's meek anoucment of our name at the first show. Priceless details.

Big news!!! Screaming Females are playing the legendary Maxwell's in Hoboken on April 9th. (Trurston Moore is always telling his story about the first time he saw Nirvana, that was at Maxwell's) Great club with great sound. Its also 18+ so all yous peoples that said you would have come to Trash but couldn't because the government doesn't think you are old enough to drink had better be there. It is going to be a huge show. Looks like Plastic East and The Ergs! are going to be opening the night. Could ask for a better line up. A big mish mash of New Bruns and NYC. Best place to do that? Hoboken, the physical mish mash of New York and New Jersey.
More news later. I'm late for lab.

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