Trash Sum Up

So Trash Bar was fun. Big thanks to everybody involved. Everyone was real important in making the night rock. Plastic East rocked as always. Esp. liked the more groovin, a bit slower version of Rock n Roll. Saw Washington Social Club live for the first time. They were amazingly tight and had a ton of energy. Thanks to the drummer (who I have forgotten your name) for letting me use his hihat. The opener Arizona were okay. Would have been better if they didn't have a billion instruments on stage that got used about once each. I would hate to have load and unload for that band.
Thanks to 57 Ray and 233 hamilton crew for rocking (show was in honor of Tim's work troubles). Thanks to Kelly and demarest crew for coming out and sticking around into all hours of the night to see us play. Thanks to Brooklyn/Pequannock crew for never knowing when to stop partying. Their after party included much malt liquor (I don't think a accurate count was ever made but it was somewhere around 1000 oz of Colt 45).
Some guy was there that is 'somebody' and he stayed and bought a CD. Hope he likes it and gets in touch.
Marissa chopped her finger on a xacto knife in her backpack (that she knew was there) but played beautifully as always. KingMike got a speeding ticket on the way home (again proving that he is the most gangsta of us). Charlotte beat the shit out of her hand with a tambourine. The soundman remembered us from 4 1/2 months ago! We made some money and forgot to pick it up (thanks to Mike East for getting that). I played subpar as the drumset didn't feel a thing like mine and kept running away from me as I played. I ended up working on school shit from 5 pm until 2 am on Sunday due to more rocking than working this weekend. Nick Fury fit about 13 people in his van (he says he is going for 20 next time, I say he can do that easy).
We're playing Maxwell's on Sun April 9th. Classic venue in Hoboken that is 18+. So all y'all that couldn't make it to Brooklyn better be there.

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Screaming Females said...

i also forgot how to play henrys embryo.