I saw Janeane Garafalo at the lunch buffet at FYF fest two days ago. It was awesome.

We drove overnight from San Francisco to make it to LA on time for our load-in at FYF (Eleven AM). Consequently, Jarrett fell asleep under the stage while 7 Seconds played their set. It was a sweaty, silly day.

By Never Cool in School / Leslie Kalohi

By sleepydoll/Debi Del Grande

On this tour we played three festivals. The first festival was called "Fucking Awesome Fest" in Detroit, MI. The second festival was called "Fuck Yeah Fest" in Los Angeles, CA. The third festival was called "Awesome Fest" in San Diego, CA.

This is my public appeal for festival organizers to make earnest efforts to not use the words "Fucking" or "Awesome" whilst titling their festival. Perhaps "Fuzzy Fest" or "Tickle me Pink" festival. These are just some suggestions, off-the-cuff.

Have a happy day and a night full of love,
Marissa "Menstrual Stain" Paternoster


lny said...

woa - thats a sweet ass motown dress Mariss!

Stef said...

Damn I can't i believe i missed you guys at FYF fest and Awesome Fest suck only being seventeen. Hope you guys will make it back to San diego soon

Anonymous said...

you guys should cover 'you belong with me' by taylor swift, i was singing it in your voice and it sounded cool but it would sound amazing in your real voice with sweet screamales music, you could make it really heavy, also, instead of the third chorus which is like the climax of the song you could do a guitar solo and it would be so good. Seriously consider it, of all bands you could pull it off.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous

Please fuck off.

--Megan and John

Anonymous said...

hey megan and josh
im sorry i wasn't trying to be mean or offend anyone,
fucking off right now

Anonymous said...

hey megan and josh you fuck off anon was just suggesting since scremales did a pop covr before since you been by kelly clarkson i dont see why anon cant suggest a song cover

Anonymous said...

just saw, you guys are going to tour Europe!?! excuse the festival pun (and lack of creative language), but that's fucking awesome! you guys continue to amaze me with your incredible work ethic (do you guys ever take a day off on the road? wow) and commitment to your music....so happy for you all, can't even begin to tell you.

going to try to get out to see you guys this month...

mr c

p.s. when is roselle going to get a screamales gig? I think I have a venue for you guys ;)

Dann said...

'you belong with me' is maybe the worst song ever

Anonymous said...

"Menstrual Stain" is officially my favourite nickname of all time.

I know I've said this before but PLEASE COME BACK TO CANADA!!!!

Castle Talk rules....."Fall Asleep" is epic.

Love u guys

Anonymous said...

Ugh! I wish I had a bigger vocabulary to describe more fully just how amazing you are Screming Females. Best wishes to you for your tour in Europe. Love, J.R.M.

Anonymous said...