Castle Talk Release!!


I'm at The Grit in Athens, Ga. Excellent veggie restaurant if you ever happen through Athens.

Castle Talk officially comes out tomorrow! It has been quite an adventure to get this record out into the world and I hope that everyone picks up a copy.

To celebrate the record we are having a release party at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn on Weds 9/15/10. The flyer is below. Please come out and have fun with us.

Order tickets here - http://www.ticketfly.com/purchase/event/13227



Michael said...

they were giving away tickets on WFMU today. You guys are so cool. I hope I see you all soon. Happy trails.

Sebastian said...

Hey thanks for playing in Tallahassee. I thought yall ruled very much and LOVE LOVE LOVE the record i got. I played guitar in the first band(End Times) that played and hope you will play through here again. Keep shredding, and keep practicing those Yo Yos!