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We're on tour, doin' laundry in Carbondale, IL. Yesterday we did this neat thing called Daytrotter in Rock Island, IL. Then we went to a cafe to catch a wave on the world wide web. Mike and Keith met a nice guy outside who bought one our LPs even though he had no idea who we were or saw us play. Some other townsfolk were attempting yo-yo tricks outside. Mike taught them a thing or two.

We recorded three songs and they're gonna put 'em up on their website soon http://www.daytrotter.com/.


David Malone said...

You blew my flipping mind last night in Lawrence, KS, and ROCKED my face off. Thank you for that! There were moments where I felt like history was being made that I was fortunate enough to witness. I'd never felt that feeling before last night. Thank you Marissa, and thank you Michael, and thank you Jarrett. I picked up Castle Talk and left some flowers. You guys deserved a bouquet though but I didn't have one on me. Next time I will I promise! })i({ --David Malone

Max said...

Hey, I was basically googling around and saw your post a few years back about getting a noise violation ticket in new brunswick. Same thing basically happened to me except I was not even the one creating the noise. Just wondering what happened when you went to court, if they reduced the fine, or how much it was, anything really. I know it was probably a while ago but I'd appreciate any insight so I can think about what to do in the meantime.

It must be awesome to be on tour, good luck!

(you can email me at maxman2468@yahoo.com, or I'll check back here later, or you could do nothing because you're probably super busy and this is so random, but I'd appreciate it)

Screaming Females said...


There isn't too much you can do about the noise violation ticket. If you speak to the prosecutor and he's a nice guy, he might take of some of the fine for you. Sadly, we had to pay a fine. Good luck in court. -Marissa

Max said...

hey can you delete my above comment, it just bothers me that my email address is in it and it comes up in google searches. hope all is well, thanks