'I Don't Mind It' Video and 'Castle Talk' Pre-Orders!

Hey Everybody!

I'm really excited to share the 'I Don't Mind It' video with everyone. Make sure to blow it up to full size! It is an amazingly intricate video conceived and created by Mr. Pillis. See his explanation of the video at the end of this post.

Also! The Castle Talk Pre-Orders are up exclusively through Insound. I hear if you order the LP or CD you get instant access to a download of the album. Also! For $7 more you can order an exclusive Castle Talk t-shirt designed by Marissa P.

Scroll through this page to see all the options - PRE-ORDERS - http://www.insound.com/search/searchmain.jsp?query=SCREAMING+FEMALES+CASTLE+TALK

Mr. Pillis' Artist Statement

I was reading a theoretical work on narratology discussing cinderella as a story structure that precludes numerous versions and variants as a byproduct of its cultural dissemination and decided to use a chevorlet-made interpretation called "a coach for cinderella" as the material for the music video.

So, in Chevorlet's version, the dwarves create an organic vehicle for Cinderella out of pumpkins and spiderweb. Then, suddenly- through the magic of "the modernizer" machine, they transform this organic object into an industrial machine, a brand new chevorelet. Using the same processes as the gnomes, I tore apart the hand drawn animation digitally and reconstructed it as a cartoon-graphic novel, the structure of the original animation getting a bricolage treatment by re-compiling the fragments into new animation sequences.

Overlaid on top of this are the hand drawn cut out puppets made by the lead singer of the band, Marissa Paternoster. These figures, playing out a cartoonish game of cat and mouse while trying to capture marissa's mouth, are perpetually on the verge of collapse as they assemble themselves while chasing speech.

As the cartoon plays, cut up in the background, the forms of these figures disassemble into chaos and re-combine as a multi-sexual ganesha character influenced by hindu philosophy. Female figures, nude dance in movements which were motion captured from Beyonce's "all the single ladies" music video. The horse was animated on top of a re-constructed animation of the first cinematic experiment of a horse galluping, therefore making a nod at the origin of time based media to supplement the trans-historical patterns. We're trying to eliminate our natural smell, that's all.


Anonymous said...

This is so amazing!!! Can't wait to see you guys in Orlando.

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Bethany said...

Anonymous - TOTALLY!

Anonymous - TOTALLY!

Thanks so much for making this really cool thing!! Incredible! Just great!!