Best of 09?


So I was trying to come up with a top 10 albums of 2009 list but I could only think of 7. What am I forgetting? Help me out!

Edit: The list grows longer! Your suggestions are helping!

So far...
1. JEFF the brotherhood - Heavy Days
2. Cheeky - What the Heck
3. Stupid Party - s/t
4. Songs for Moms - I Used to Believe in the West
5. Bad Blood - Tongue Twisting Tunes for Tiny Tots
6. Mattress - Babystar Gallactica EP
7. Teenage Cool Kids - Foreign Lands
8. Delay - Plain Language
9. Double Dagger - More



Star Beat Music said...

Nakatomi Plaza- Ghosts!

lewis said...

screaming females - power move


Rip Slagcheek said...

Bomb the Music Industry - Scrambles
Fake Problems - It's Great To Be Alive
The PS Eliot debut
Andrew Jackson Jihad - Can't Maintain
The new Future of the Left
P.O.S. - Never Better
Power Move, naturally.

I'm sure I'm forgetting some.

Cristian said...

you totally forgot the mattress ep.

Screaming Females said...

Good call Cristian! Totally fixed that.

Rip - I keep hearing great things about the PS Eliot album. I really loved them live and their demo was cool (but left a lot of room to grow). So I'm psyched to hear their full length. Guess I should get around to picking that up.


Anonymous said...

P.S. Eliot, Kylesa, and y'all's new album, for sure!

Anonymous said...

dino jr., uzi rash group, ex-wife, the spits, dunno...

Anonymous said...

Dinosaur Jr's Farm. A Return to form and boyyy was it good.

Anonymous said...

mika miko's We Be Xuxa was pretty good, also

Screaming Females said...

I didn't really dig Farm too much. Mike played it a lot. I lost interest in it pretty quickly, except for Lou's songs! The stand out tracks on the album for me. I think I liked Beyond better.

Ghet Gidden said...

SUNN-Monoliths and Dimensions

Jim O'Rourke-The Visitor

Them Crooked Vultures-S/T

Omar Rodriguez-Lopez-Xenophanes

El Grupo Nuevo de Omar Rodriguez- Lopez-Cryptomnesia

Diamond Watch Wrists-Ice Capped at Both Ends

The Mars Volta-Octahedron

The Flaming Lips-Embryonic

Beirut-March of The Zapotec Ep

Boris-Heavy Rock Hits Vol.1

All 09' all awesome,no order, thanks for getting my brain going.

Keep doin what you guys are doing, MUCH RESPECT!

Anonymous said...

well, that's because lou's the man. sebadoh>>>>dino jr

samstambaugh said...
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Sam said...

The Dead Weather - Horehound
Rain Machine

I can't think of any more.

Anonymous said...

The Breeders - Fate to Fatal

Jason said...

Through The Devil Softly by Hope Sandoval

Anonymous said...


Jared said...

The Night Birds demo is awesome. Not sure if you would consider it an album though.

Anonymous said...

ahahaha CRISTIAN you dude you

Anonymous said...

sonic youth - the eternal

Arctic_Rodrixxx said...

Arctic Monkeys - Humbug !!!
Greetings from Argentina!!

Anonymous said...

raditude? gimme a break man.

Cathy / Kayne said...
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lindsay said...

no gossip anywhere on the list? :(

Anonymous said...