Friends gettin' hitched

Congrats on getting married CHRIS & JAMIE and JEFF & MIRANDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

can we be best friends?

chrisK said...

Thank you all for coming! Mike was the life of the party, in almost every single picture Mike is in the background with a huge smile. Hope you all had a good time, stuffed your faces, and enjoyed some free booze.

Anonymous said...

If we lived in a world where little old blind ladies were brutally forced to deliver pizzas using nothing but tandem bicycles as transportation, and your band was a pair of old ladies engaging in said occupation, they would have very strong calves and thighs and be very efficient workers.

Or they would have weak calves and thighs because they would say, "Hey, man, fuck your bicycles."

Whichever is better. I don't know.

Anyway, rock.