Pre-orders! and Bruce! and Muses! and whatnot!


DON GIOVANNI has told me that they will be putting up pre-orders for POWER MOVE (our new full length) within the week! There will be a few combo orders available. One will be a combo for the CD version of the album and the exclusive DG Screaming Females shirt. Another will be for the vinyl version and the 2nd pressing on What if... You didn't know? 1st pressing of "What if..." is almost sold out. There are about 30 copies left. If you want one of the originals, so you can be OG-SF, you can still order them at our ONLINE STORE or get them from us at shows but probably only for a few more weeks. The 2nd pressing of What if... will be on green vinyl and will be available first through DON GIOVANNI Power Move pre-order combos. Sooooo look out!!!!

(That's me with the new green vinyl 2nd press of What if...)

So I usually post anything I find on the internet that mentions us but over the last few days there have actually been too many things. You don't want to read through all that junk, right? So instead of putting up everything I will hit y'all with highlights.

Definitely check this out! - This person had their cat review our first album 'Baby Teeth'
LINK - http://badideapotluck.blogspot.com/2009/03/momar-vs-screaming-females.html

The Boston Herald did a short piece on us. You can read the whole thing at the link below if you would like but here is the important part. It doesn't say but this should have been a quote from me (Jarrett).

Screaming Females have even more to teach. Ever wonder if everyone in New Jersey is obsessed with Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen?

“Nobody I know in Jersey really cares about Bon Jovi, but everybody loves Bruce Springsteen,” Dougherty said. “It can get obnoxious at times when you have friends who put on Springsteen real loud and dance on tables and couches and things every time they get drunk.”

I'm looking toward some ghoulish former Parlor residents with this one!!! Love you guys!

LINK TO FULL ARTICLE - http://www.bostonherald.com/entertainment/music/general/view.bg?articleid=1157674

We had the first Throwing Muses show last night in Philly. It was so awesome. Everyone from Throwing Muses and 50 Foot Wave were so nice and easy going. We had a fruit/ veggie plater in a backstage "green room." It was hilarious. We got food vouchers to the restaurant in the venue and I accidentally ate a nacho with all kinds of bacon on it. Ew! That's the first time I've eaten meat in about 2 years. It was gross. Note to World Live Cafe - Nachos don't normally include bacon! All the people out to see TM and 50FW were really great. The show had a great vibe and everyone there gave us a chance and I think most everybody was pretty stoked on us afterward. And thanks to Perry, Colin, Joe S., Caity, and Kristina for coming along so there were some familiar faces about.

Also, mp3s for about half our new album can be found pretty easily via blogs at this point. Where are they? I'm not going to make it that easy!


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