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A little interview went up over at the CMJ Blog.

LINK FOR FULL ARTICLE - http://www.cmj.com/relay/?p=7074

Screaming Females Q&A

by Caitlin Balch

A recent night with New Jersey punk trio the Screaming Females yielded a handful of bruises for this reporter. It also, after they finished their aggressive basement set for about 50 eager fans, led to a few thoughts from the group about their do-it-yourself musical exploration, touring and lead singer Marissa Paternoster’s “offensive” vocal qualities. The band, which also includes drummer Jarrett Dougherty and bassist King Mike will release their third album Power Move, this April on Don Giovanni Records and are currently on a tour spanning the East Coast and venturing out to the Midwest and Puerto Rico for some dates as well.

LINK FOR FULL ARTICLE - http://www.cmj.com/relay/?p=7074

First review of Power Move went up. It comes from the Houston, TX based magazine 002. It's positive but maybe a little misinformed. Everyone should take a look at the Wikipedia entry on High Fidelity - Link - . Notice that Hi-Fi refers to records "that are very faithful to the original performance" which modern recording techniques do not do. I would argue that Power Move has a higher fidelity that modern recordings, not lower.

REVIEW LINK - http://www.002mag.com/mag/current/pages/hi_res%20(80).htm

Also the video for Bell is done. It could possibly induce seizures and involuntary self-urination. You will all get to see it when we say you can! Ha ha hahahahahhahaahahaaha!


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