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There is a review of our newish album in the Sept 07 issue of Maximum Rock N Roll. ur buddies New Bloods are on the cover. Check it out. The review is weird. I think its a good one.

SCREAMING FEMALES - "What If Someone Is Watching Their TV?"

The first song on here is totally weird and cool, like Dinosaur Jr. meets Rudimentary Peni with female vocals, but as the record progresses the sound veers more towards the indie and away from the anarcho. The music is really fucking good throughout - raw garagey punkness combined with intricate guitar work and interesting structures - but the vocals rarely vary and the singer has this natural vibrato that's very hard to get used to (and a fake English accent as well?). It doesn't work for me, but I would still highly recommend checking this out. A rare band with some true originality.
-Paul Curran

Seems that dude-man liked Theme Song enough to play in on MRR radio. Check out the episode over at http://www.maximumrocknroll.com/radio/

Also, this dude linked our myspace off his blog. He is the pop music critic for the New Yorker. Someone told its a big deal. Cool. (Look at Aug 13. The pop/ not pop thing. We are not pop.)


-jarrett D

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joly said...

Yes that's quite an abstract reference from Sasha. Impressive tho.