Holy Moly

Four.more.days. Oh my lord. Wait till the kids at home hear about this...

We have a day off in Durham, North Carolina today. As Michael put it, "part of our bi-monthly visit to Durham"...oh, it's practically like a home away from home. Visit Durham, NC! Burritos! Vintage attire! Pretty O.K. weather!

We've been in Mr. Jones' house all day, playing Wii and whatnot.

I want you all to know that I managed to get poison ivy not once, but twice on tour, once on my wee little feet and then a second, horrid time, all over my rear-end, my legs, and my arms. This is what happens to over-zealous girls who think they are man enough to pee outside. A word of advice: only those who can pee standing up are man enough to pee outside. Otherwise you are liable to receive a weeping rash on your bum. Not too happy about that.

Also, if you have not ever menstruated on tour then you aren't as tough as you think.

I am spent - see you all soon.


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