Greetings fool!

S.F. in Vermont, playing for sixteen year olds.

Although Ian's post could pretty much tide you over for the weeks to come, I will update everyone from a feminine perspective.

Oh, and this is us playing at the ZEBU house in Amherst. That was a good time, Ian got bit by a Jack Russel on a trampoline and I woke up with over two dozen mosquito bites. All the kids who live there, (the house is aptly titled, "the Confetti House") seems to always have glittering pieces of confetti stuck to their bodies.

Right now two out of three boys are sleeping on assorted mattresses upstairs in my Aunt and Uncle's house in Cincinnatti. My Aunt & Uncle made us a huge, amazing dinner last night after our show at Skulllab (which was fun!). My attitude towards large amounts of food is typically the same, always, eat until I feel sick. Mission accomplished!

Two weeks in, I do not yet feel insane. I have already gone through my monthly womanly functions and so those hormones have been laid to rest. All noteworthy events have already been covered by Ian. I don't really pay attention to much besides potential Marissa-Dog-belly-rubbing encounters, eating, sleeping, and the opportunity to shave my legs. Which I just did, and it was fabulous.

I don't know why I began typing this because uhm, well, I'm not very interesting. Maybe next time.


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bujak said...

damn players i think you broke that camera mic. why the fuck they ain't clap louder? fuck.

i love you guys.