Part II

We finished mixing our second full-length yesterday and I am quite proud. It's like giving birth. The child is very attractive, with a full head of hair and eyes as big as golf balls. We had a good time spent with Uncle Buckets. Lunch was always good, lest we not forget burritos, falafel, smoothies, thai noodle, and the infamous veggie burger deluxe (I heard the Greeks gathered on Mount Olympus and exclaimed, "The lettuce, the tomato, and the onion -- these things are deluxe."). Perhaps it is because excitement scares me, or perhaps it's because of my mild anxiety disorder, but there is nothing I take greater pleasure in then sitting in a cubicle-sized, sweltering control room all day listening to my voice backwards (with reverb).

I don't know if I'm supposed to let these cats out of their bags, but we recorded the little bugger live. There are some few extra guitars to put meat on the bones, but as far as dubs are concerned we left much to the imagination. Hopefully no one will have offended ears. I think we have a title, but we mustn't forget the potential gems like, "No Being Disgusting", "My Black Friend Leo" or everyone's favorite, "Floppy Dick".

The weather outside right now is awful, there are little ice droplets hurling themselves to the ground, and we have a show this evening. Hopefully cabin fever will drive the kiddies to the Parlor.

So yes...in conclusion, the album is nice, I like it at least...who knows, maybe I have awful taste. I predict more tattoos.


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