Huge Tour, OMG its a Screamales Tat!

So we are heading out for a super awesome fun time tour this summer. It is going to be most of the summer. About 70 days. We are going to be playing most of the states and a few of the territories (oh, Canada). Of course we only have a handful of dates booked right now but that's the way it goes. You-know-who is going to be spending ever free moment booking this thing for the next 3 months. Check out the dates over at the myspace.

We are going in to start recording tomorrow!!! Woot woot! New album out June 22.

And the most important piece of news. Cheeseman got a freakin Screamles tattoo!!! Holy Shit. Its awesome! Right there next to Hunchback. We couldn't be more honored. Take a look.

Check out our brand new best friends Unicorn Basement. I can't wait to get to MN. myspace.com/unicornbasementmusic

-Jarrett D

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Anonymous said...

maybe a link to the new album name???