"Baby Teeth" Lyrics

foul mouth
you're in rapture my dear
if you ever come near
hell's belt with a frown
turn your town upside down
and here's a little with youth
silly coy and uncouth
i will settle you down
when your menace surrounds
from serene to the sick
many coils that stick
to all our leather boots
rattled with fickled truth
and i am tired of your mouth
when you're talking about
the injustice of speech
on a bus to the beach
the heat up here's divided time
with earthly men on concubine
and circles strangled clever girls
who dress up in their mother's pearls
i remember you still
yellow fangs and sick pills
sucking on your own blood
calling cards to crack up
in a forest with beasts
our old lady found peace
grabbed its tail with her teeth
and drove her son into the sea.

electric pilgrim

i saw a pilgrim
and it was electric
they bought some guns
they bought some corn
i'm gonna chase you down the street
goin' excess speeds of three


beneath myself, how holiday's go
this borne child with stupendous host
they told me so
i thought you should know

a face of flies
the hands of murder collide
your mom ain't home
i'm gonna catch you alone

needles slide to the dropping slope
and infant with twin talents
they told me so
i thought you should know

angelo's song

i stand upright, see?
elizabeth is on her knees
and i hang little tacs
on the rail of her back
placemat, manuscript
sends information to the trip
acid wash t.v. runs static
on channel three

the blood beard charge
the singer has scars
it etches my name
in the hall of fame

jim real spends his time
and plans dates with his aunt
and sue is watching crimes
on television start and stop
but we don't watch t.v.
no, and we do not thread the cops
through streets pass my lead
or where the ocean rocks

the bearded lady

the smartest person up for sale
have you heard about the killer whale?
yeah, i know him very well.

the elderly, they make their peace
choking on their rosary beads
i know them very well

i lend my hands to dissonance
and participate in a deadly dance
i am quite aware

and in this band of coventry
hang by steel noose, up in that tree
i am quite aware

the hand and what we feel
the bearded lady is real
i know her very well

henry's embryo

i feel my temperature rise
you can't hear me though
and when i reach down inside
it's dead in telephone
i am the mistake of embryotic drool
when i come climbing up, out of the ooze

camoflougue the religion
smell the consequence
oh i am runnin' a fire that's lit in seven beds
inside the maker i do not have such time
cut your camera in hopes our line rewinds


the spade of man is pushing up
with all their fractured wrists, good general
burning our childhood homes
with turpentine
inside their siamese wounds
it's death & dying

swim in the swill, we will
on the kitchen floor
and wrap my bones in birds
for a real good cause
oh, mother mary
she holds me in her arms
we're strapped to a tanker
in a warring world

see all these dinosaurs?
they want to rule the world

i'm ready to wash my hands of you
next time you bring me more bad news
i'm ready


we can all share sports
let's play together

there is no crying in baseball

bus driver man

drowning yourself in a sea of distinary
and animals dead on their backs
you hurry to switchblade the maker of paper
with stitches that wind down her hat

finally you have found a piece of mind

this is satan's song
you must sing along

in your shoes and the mistake of martians
that buzz in my brain like a seed
and a leech on the index of a holy subject
will algebra bite
till it bleeds

baby jesus

what planet abandones me
it is the thrill of baby jesus
i am not afraid

kids and cops eat rock hard earth
to piss in lakes and meet their maker
i am not afraid

through all these trials
and horrors of progress
i need you
to come back my friend
and in this sad story
i burn up my costume
that ate my insides
in prison

in right eye with slip the forest
a highway and clever fire
i am not afraid.


Anonymous said...

Get their other songs on here too!

juan said...

i think some lyrics at the end of baby jesus are missing :)