Me - I'm supposed to be studying for a Computer Science test. I hate normative ethical theory. I am the best plant science student ever! Jon Fixh of The Parlor fame and myself cleaned about 10 pounds of dirt out of his basement last night. I think I am going to have black boogers for the next week. Also out of the basement: about 25 drum sticks, 2 smashed guitars, 3-4 pieces of broken drum hardware, 150 beer bottle caps, 15 beer bottles, a golf club bag, plastic hockey stick, 2 broken guitar tuners, 15 broken guitar cables, and more!

Marixxa P - Marixxa was asked to lay down some guitar tracks for The Slits!!! Don't know about The Slits?!?! Only the most important female dominated punk band of all time! She got to drive Ari Up home to Flatbush at 4 am. It was supposed to have been as funny as you would imagine that scene to be.

KinxMike - He has a beautiful and sweet girlfriend. No one sees him anymore! Ah, thats the way that goes!

Screxming Femxles - Holy Crap! We are going in to record our 2nd full length in a week and a half. I hope everyone is as excited as we are. Recording rock n roll albums to 2 inch analog tape for 9 days straight is unfathomably better for the mind then Computer Science or Ethical Theory.

Hub City: Out of the Basement - Issue 2 - Out this weekend! Come see us at The Asbury Lanes and get a free copy!

Women who rip on their instruments are not a commodity, they are an inspiration!

-Jaxxett D

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