Jumping Through Hoops

Let it be known that the phrase "Jump through some hoops" does not and will never sit well with Screaming Females. Why are we in 'this'? This being music, releasing albums, setting up shows, touring. We love the release and the feeling that it brings about in us to create art. We feel like there are a lot of people that enjoy what we do. Its fun! And hopefully one day we can make some money doing it. The industry, stardom, international acclaim, these things are not why we started this band. These are the things that you get from jumping through the god damn hoop. We have always done are best to hook people up with shows if they need them. We have done are best to play with all sort of different kinds of bands. We have done are best to be kind and respectful toward the people around us. If people that want to work with us can not do the same then we don't need them. Making an outright attack on my person is not the way to our hearts. Watch out for the sharks.

I am far from some sort of punk purest. I would never fault a band for taking a bigger deal, making money off what they do, or working with booking agents/ publicists/ managers. But I have also done my research. I have read the interviews, watched the movies, read the books, listened to the stories. The vast majority of industry people are looking to, primarily, take what little money your art can manage to produce. We don't need that. When someone who is trying to work with us starts to recite the exact words that every sucker musician that ever got screwed out of their money says the industry people will say to you, it is time to back away. There will be others. When someone is saying and doing the right things, all the time, then, maybe, it is time to bring someone else onto this team. Until then it is DIY. Not because we have some high ethical position but because we have heard the "I got screwed stories" and this is the way we have learned how to run this band. It it is working damn well if I do say so myself.
-Jarrett D

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Billy Gray said...

Days Awake has not one, but two managers, which makes me shake my head, as much as I love Sarah.

Although, what do I know, they are making money, selling out the Pony and playing two hour sets on a Saturday night.

There are many paths to the dao.