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KingMike told me that I need to update this blog so I will. We have some awesome shows coming up. We are playing The Parlor in New Brunswick again soon with Man in Gray (Bushwick, Brooklyn!!). And we are playing Trash Bar with the O.A.O.T.s. And we are playing The Parlor again (most likely) with The Ergs! and the Modern Machines (Milwaukee!!!). And then we are probably playing the Lions Den in NYC for a streetwave night. Don't have all the details yet but should be 18+ and feature Screaming Females, Invincible Gods, OAOTs, Eisenhower, and Man in Gray. Sweet lineup!!! And we might be playing Eisenhower's Halloween loft party. Also Miss TK and the Revenge and Crucial Dance Squad want a New Brunswick show. Miss TK and the Revenge feature a New Brunswick legend on drums. See if you can figure it out. (Hint- His other band is on Fall Out Boy's label). I'll get details and dates up for all of these shows when I get them.

I had to say good bye the other night to one of my best friends for the last 6 or so years. Sam from Plastic East is moving to Toronto. Yup, Canada. She, like many of us, is completely feed up with the ol' US of A. She needs to get the hell out and I can't blame her. She will be missed but it gives us one more reason to get on tour!

Everybody should go ride Critical Mass on Friday. CM is a gathering of bicycles that happens on the last Friday of every month all over the world. There is no leader. No organized agenda (though people do have their own). Everyone is welcome and it is a really fun time. The New Brunswick CM meets at 5:00 pm at the college ave student center. There is also a show afterwards at the New Brunswick bike library. Sea Sick is playing. Their 7 inch is sweet. Can't wait to catch them live.
-Jarrett D

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