The Parlor and such

Thanks to everyone who came out to The Parlor this past Sunday. Bob Ucker (if I knew how to make an umlaut their would be one on the u). They played that Ergs!ish pop punk that New Brunswick and the Parlor are becoming familiar with. It had a bit more of a snarl and bite to it though. Kind of in a Husker Du vain (the umlaut and the bass players stash helped that comparison along). A missed a few songs in their set because my clothes needed to be moved to the dryer at the Hamilton St laundry mat. Sorry guys!
After them was Lefty Loosie. A primarily female band, again doing pop punk. Loosie rocked the house. What stood out for me here was the vocals. Some cool and memorable melodies. Talked to Katherine of Lefty Loosie after the show a bit. She was super sweet and had an infectious smile. She said she would be able to help us get a Milwaukee show for August which was proving to be a problem.
Our set was so good! After a long absence from New Brunswick, and having played a few mediocre shows out of the area, this was exactly what we needed. It was last minute and a bunch of people showed up anyway. I can speak for the whole band when I say that all you guys that come out to our shows and rock out and sing along make our lives. It is all I look forward to. Without that I would be pretty lost right now.
And so it has been a year! Screaming Females (the band, not the name) has officially been around for a year. At this time last year I was in a pretty bad spot in my life. I have to believe that this band was destiny or something. It couldn't have come about at a better time.
-Jarrett D
PS - The Knit show is selling quick!! It is going to be our 7 inch release party. That's right! The two song 7 inch is finally here. The first 100 will be x-tra special. Numbered. Red Vinyl. Individually drawn custom sleaves.

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Fish said...

Making an Ümlat is actually really easy and also appropriately evil. Hold down [ALT] and press 666, and you've got yourself an Ümlat. Seriously. Go ahead, try it. Best typing trick ever.