*, O Death, and Period 3

Hey Folks,
So the big Knit show has finally arrived (almost, its tomorrow). I feel like I have been promoting this thing forever... oh wait, I have. No promises but I have a feeling that this is going to be the best show yet.
I went to check out * with Mike East. The Volunteers were playing. For those of you who don't know, * is a loft in Bushwick, Brooklyn that is sent up as one of the nicest venues I have ever been to. It is amazing. The show room has a huge stage and lights and bleacher type seating built into the wall. And there is a sound booth up top in the back and everything. They sell cheap beers. They have an air hockey table and this HUGE patio out back. And it is totally illegal! Everyone should go check this place out. Oh and the bands are really, really rad.
Speaking of that... O Death played. I had heard about them from Glen Bingham. They lived up to his hype. The band does punk Appalachian music. Imagine O Brother Where Art Thou with a drummer who beats the shit out of an oil can and a banjo played that gets red in the face yelling. Everyone should check them out. Also this was the first Volunteers show in about a decade. They have a new drummer and he is so tight. A real powerhouse. Between him and Mike I don't think you could have a tighter rhythm section.
Period 3 from Milwaukee played at The Parlor last night. Yup, thats right another Milwaukee band! This town is just pumping out touring bands right now. And they all rock. And they have all been in the Modern Machines at some point. And someone is always named Ben. Period 3 were a little bit less intense than the last two bands that came through. It was really good though. Especially since they played at like 11:00 (ridiculously late for The Parlor). Made some new friends to meet up with when Screaming Females gets out to Milwaukee. Hey Milwaukee, get us a show already!
-Jarrett D

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