7 inch and Cops

The recordings with Paul at Monsterland Studios went great. The session reaffirmed to us how good we are as musicians. When the majority of ones playing is rocking out in loud basements with sweaty people crashing into you, it is easy to forget. We were nervous about being able to get the 2 songs recorded in the time we had. Six hours later they were done, time to spare. Pretty much everything was done within three takes. Paul M was great. Stayed out of the way a lot. Just let us do our thing. Marissa even fired him once. To be officially, unofficially inducted into the Screaming Females Organization you have to have Marissa fire you at least once. The 7 inch will be out by tour time. The songs still need names as right now they are New Song and New New Song. We are currently working on New New New Song... yeah we are a bit behind on the name of pieces. Speaking of which.
New New New Song is a fabulous collection of riffs that has yet to come together as a song. Yesterday we were finally starting to put this jerk together; the riffs have been around for 2 or 3 months with many failed attempts at putting them together. While putting this song together we were blessed with a visit from the New Brunswick Police Dept. This ass of a cop gave Marissa a ticket for what he said will be $500, threatened me with a ticket when I tried to politely ask what law we were breaking, asked us how we would feel if some "rap band" was playing loudly in the house next to us (implying we don't like black people and "their" music), compared playing music to beating your wife, and told us that we might be disturbing someone trying to watch TV. Anyway if anyone out there has any experience with legal language take a look at this website http://municipalcodes.lexisnexis.com/codes/newbrunswick/ under title 8 chapter 8.28 then 8.28.050. He gave us a B1. This is for Sound Reproduction Systems (ie TV, radio, CD player). Noise violations have always come from B2 which says not after 10 pm. B1 is anytime but we weren't "reproducing" any kind of sound we were producing it for the first time. I am investigating the matter with a dept of Rutgers that trains the cops in noise control. Maybe we can beat the ticket but I am not too hopeful. Our backup plan is to beg for money at Maxwell's. See you all there! Sceaming Females is building quite a rap sheet with the police. I don't get it, we are the most harmless group of peoples.
-Jarrett D

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Anonymous said...

tickets suck, the potential for run ins with the cops is obviously why i would never have a band that practices.

i reposted this on my joke of a live journal website and ill let more people know about the maxwells show as it approaches. hopefully you can get some $$$ to pay off the piggies.

ps throw a house party to try and raise funds!!! but dont get busted AGAIN.